Throughout the years in construction, there has been a continuous improvement in both design and materials used. Rewind to the past 40 years ago, we can see that most commercial buildings have simple wooden and steel framed doors and windows. At that time, the company was producing safety glass used for automobiles and was known to be common in international standard

The company sees the safety glass can be used in construction in the future. Therefore, we have expanded our business scope by introducing modern technology machinery in building glass production such as laminated glass. And using tempering furnace with Force Convection System in the production line.

As for the properties of glass, it has improved the ability to reduce the heat entering the building (reflective glass), but there are also limitations in the environment.

 The company has developed insulated glass for heat transfer of buildings and can also be modified to suit the application. The development was carried on by the application of Low-E Glass that can reduce heat transfer and non-reflective which does not affect the environment, indoor lighting is transformed into tempered glass and laminated glass to make it a safety glass as well.