Due to the many special features of this Glass Tech furnace, it is possible to check the temperature on the glass surface as it heats up without having to wait for the final process. It can control depths up to 65 mm. With the production process of the furnace that uses the blower to drive the production of the glass when not glass leaves the furnace through quenching. Strong air blows the glass to tempered and curves to the desired pattern in just 20 seconds and flows through the conveyor for cooling. This is the final process to allow the glass to lower its temperature and be able to hold the strength.

The rate of production capacity and thickness are as follows:

  • Thickness of 4 mm with 720 continuous sheets/day
  • Thickness of 5 mm with continuous 630 sheets/day
  • Can produce glass with both single and double curve curvature.

Due to the special feature of the furnace manufacturing method, the blower reduces the surface temperature of the glass exiting through the quenching process and the blower blows the room temp air onto the glass for find process.

Automotive glass

         A good windshield must provide good and clear vision. When choosing a windshield, it is important to consider safety as it carries a greater risk of accidents and damage and is often more severe than a car’s rear windshield or side door windows. Therefore, the windshield must be safety glass to prevent the danger of sharpening the glass. It must have anti-penetrating properties. In the event of an accident, the glass must not fall to harm the driver or passengers inside the vehicle.

V.M.C. has developed laminated safety glass to have properties suitable for use. We have also added features to reduce noise from wind noise while the car is moving and can reduce UV rays that can harm the console and the interior of the car. As a result, our laminated windshields are the most suitable for installation and use.

In addition, we have developed Heater Glass to be able to produce both Tungsten Heating Elements and Silver Paste. The back-tempered windshield manufacturing process uses state-of-the-art technology to produce Quick Sag, Deep Bend Level 2 (DB2) in order to avoid Tong Mark on the glass. It is noticeable by the luster on the bottom edge of the glass. V.M.C. can produce various models of automotive glass.

Bullet-proof glass

         It is one of the accomplishments of safety glass development, and it is gaining favor in the global market. During economic downturns, unemployment rises, and government buildings, government vehicle, and such, especially jewelry dealers, in many nations become targets of crime.

         Bulletproof glass is an important alternative material to prevent potential damage. Bulletproof glass is classified as laminated safety glass. We can produce both flat and bent from multilayer glass technology using special PVB film