Glass fabrication is the first priority in the processing and is often overlooked. Methods used range from:

  1. Hand-cutting along the drawn lines.
  2. Cutting from wooden plates
  3. Cutting from a steel copy template
  4. Cutting with a CNC machine, but the resolution of the workpiece size is rough to fine, respectively. The cutting method that V.M.C has chosen is cutting from the steel copy because it is suitable for time, productivity and cost. Also, it still offers a high degree of accuracy to the part size.

That is to say, when the demand for each model of car glass per production amount in the Thai market is in the hundreds or tens at a time. As a result, the cutting process of automotive glass (front windshield / rear windshield) for each model must have a speed of setting up the machine. Up to 5 models may need to be replaced in one day.


The appearance of the copy-cutting machine is a table with protruding arms and a diamond-cut head fixed by a wheel with a mother. It can print steel that has already been cut into the desired glass. When the raw material glass slides under the die, the cutting head will crush the diamond onto the glass surface by a pneumatic cylinder. The operator can move the wheel that locks the die to the cutter head until it surrounds the die. The employee then slides the glass out and breaks the unwanted part off.

What are the advantages of this method? We don’t even need to talk about hand-cut glass and wood-cut glass because of its antique and very low accuracy. But we will describe the steel mold cutting.

Steel mold (copy cut) used by V.M.C requires a single piece of steel sheet to be cut using a high-resolution CNC laser cut machine. If the size of the copy is wrong, it will cause the glass workpiece to be wrong as well. But even if there is a copy cutting error, the error unit of CNC cutting is not more than 0.01 mm. which human eyes cannot detect it. 

From the experience that V.M.C used to be a supplier for many auto maker companies, we have learned the importance of molds and how to keep them in working order at all times.

Is there any other method that cuts more accurately? A better and faster method of cutting glass-formed glass than steel copy cutting and providing high dimensional accuracy is the use of a CNC machine. This will provide a very high production capacity if you want to cut glass in mass production, hundreds or thousands of sheets per model. Due to the complexity of the various settings of this CNC machine, it is not suitable for mass customization.