Silk  Screening Ceramic screen colors are screened on the glass surface for aesthetic purposes, covering the edges of the body and to prevent of UV rays from deteriorating the silicon. Ceramics  can resist a high temperature and is screened on before it is bent to improve the bonding capability of the glass and  to  prevent it from being washed off after the bending.  The pattern (roe pattern) can be screened on the top of the glass  instead of using top sheds to filter the light entering the vehicle.

Interlayer PVB (Poly Vinyl Butyral) is a material which bonds the laminated glass  for  laminating.  It  reduces noise and prevents UV rays from entering the bus.  The proper storage of PVB is an essential step in the manufacturing of quality laminated glass.  Improper storage of PVB leads to dampness, resulting in air bubbles in the glass and less bonding strength.  Five widely used colors are:

  1. Clear color  
  2. Clear color tinged with blue
  3. Clear color tinged with green         
  4. Light blue tinged with dark blue
  5. Dark gray