Over the past several decades, Thailand has started to assemble the bus body in the country. Until now, there have been many large companies or bus garages such as Cherdchai Busbody and many other garages in Ratchaburi (Ban Pong). We are proud to be a part of the history of Thai buses, although the domestic development of bus assembly and regulatory standards still need to be developed.

Decades of development have resulted in the creation of patterns and designs unique to Thai buses. Glass cutting that isn’t just a basic square shape, whether it’s a pattern design or a glass cutting that isn’t simply a simple square shape. Not only that, but the front of the car’s design necessitates better aerodynamics and calls for the driver and passengers to have a more pleasant and expansive view. Our procedures must be improved, and more modern machines must be developed. It entails creating a pattern in the shape of the window opening. as well as distinctive

Today, EVs have taken on the role and popularity of commercial buses. It saves money and reduces air pollution. These vehicles also use tempered safety glass and multilayer laminated safety glass to reduce energy consumption. V.M.C. has been entrusted to be a part of the production of ready-to-install glass for Next Point Public Company Limited.

V.M.C. provides production services and installation services for various sorts of bus mirrors based on customer requirements.